The computer Lab and the Keyboard-Review questions

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 The computer Lab and the Keyboard

 Review questions

  1. How does a computer differ from a calculator?
  2. List any three safety precautions one should observe when entering a computer lab
  3. Describe any two practices that can cause fire in the computer laboratory.
  4. The keyboard has …….. groups of keys. Describe?
  5. Which key will press to:
    • Erase a letter just typed
    • Change case
    • Use numeric keypad keys
    • Indent
    • Single spacing
    • Close a pop up window
    • Activate start menu
    • Display a drop down list
    • Seek Help
    • Move the cursor upwards on a text editor
    •  Refresh current page especially web browser
  6. What is the difference between UPS and AVS?
  7. Explain the functions of the following keys on the keyboard?

  • F1
  • Shift key
  • Control key
  • Alternate key
  • Return key
  • Home key

  1. Which key will you use to overwrite the text in a sentence?
  2. Define the following words

  • clicking
  • double clicking
  • drag and drop
  • cursor
  • pointer
  • scrolling wheel

  1. Which of these devices are input devices: Mouse, keyboard, screen, CPU, Modem, Scanner, Trackball, Joy stock, IWB, Digitizer, Camera and light pen
  2. What is the use of a dehumidifier?
  3. Why should computer lab seats designed with a straight backrest?
  4. Name two preventive measures you can take to avoid loss of data.